The Chinese New Year Is January 25 Till Febuary 11 2021

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2020  is a Year of the Rat according to the Chinese Culture rats are used to symbolize wealth and surplus. Rats are found all over the world and regarded in the Chinese zodiac as being smart and nimble with plenty of vitality and enterprising spirit. 

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Hello, I am Gina, I am the Owner of Aromatherapy Products since  1992. In the very beginning. I started with a heavy focus on essential  oils & candles. Since then I have made several trips exploring South  East Asia, China & Tibet. Having seen and learned many things from  all of these amazing places and all the wonders I have got to experience  in the East I decided to expand my Business to now include Feng Shui  products such as Asian Statues, Ceremonial Bells & Reiki Candles. 

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